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Submission Guidelines

GPG does not accept unsolicited submissions. Any unsolicited material received will not be opened. Please follow our query guidelines below.

GPG is currently accepting queries for submissions in the following genres: 


  • Action and Adventure

  • Children's Books (Must be Illustrated)

  • Christian (Published under Believer Books imprint)

  • Mystery/Suspense

  • Romance

  • Romantic Suspense

  • Sci-Fi

  • Short Story

  • Teen Romance

  • Thriller (No Horror or Gore)


  • Autobiography / Memoir

  • Biography

  • Business

  • Christian (Published under Believer Books imprint)

  • Medical

  • Self-Help

  • Spiritual

  • Technology

* We do not publish works in the erotica genre.


Please do not send queries for manuscripts in other genres.  


We are an environmentally-friendly culture and will only accept queries via email.  

We expect all correspondence to be professionally presented, free from grammatical and spelling errors.

**Submissions must be professionally edited prior to sending. Unedited manuscripts will be automatically declined.



1.  Send a query letter to    In the Subject line, type:  QUERY


2.  In the body of your email, write a short (one paragraph) synopsis of your book.  This should read like a blurb on the back of a book; something designed to grab the reader's attention.  Describe past publishing credits and give us your contact information.


3.  If we are interested in looking at your manuscript, we will contact you and request a copy.  Do not attach your manuscript or a sample chapter to your email unless we have specifically requested a copy.  Do not send any attachments via email, as this will cause your email to be deleted without being read.

*Due to the high volume of queries, our response time can vary. Please be patient as it is our desire to give each query the attention it deserves. 

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