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GPG Hours of Operation:  M - Closed. T,W,R 9:00AM-6:00PM. F-Scheduled Meetings Only. ST, S - Closed
* Hours are in Mountain Standard Time

                    TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING 

Global Publishing Group offers publishing contracts to authors we feel have mainstream marketability.  As part of the publishing contract, GPG authors receive proofreading, editing, formatting, cover design, ISBN assignment, publishing and distribution services at no cost. In addition, we assist our contracted authors in their online presence, brand building and the initial promotion of their book release. These books are published in print in ebook under the GPG imprint with worldwide distribution. 


To be considered for a publishing contract with GPG, please follow our submission guidelines found under the Submissions tab.




We realize that some authors may desire to self-publish their work instead of partnering with a publisher. For these authors, we offer a Self-Publishing A La Carte Menu. Our team of editors and designers will partner with these authors to assist them in getting their book ready for publication. From the editing process all the way through to the final upload process, distribution selection and pricing, GPG helps these authors produce and release a quality product. With our a la carte menu, authors may select only the services with which they need help, so they are not overpaying for services they feel they have the ability to do themselves.  *These authors do not sign a contract with GPG and their books are not published under the GPG imprint.


To inquire about our Self-Publishing A La Carte Services, please email and write SELF-PUBLISHING in the subject line. A representative will contact you promptly to discuss your project and send pricing information.


 T O G E T H E R

                    GHOSTWRITING SERVICES

GPG understands that everyone has a story but not everyone can write their story. This is where we come in. Our team of professional writers will bring your story to life and help you share it with the world. We meet you wherever you are in the process, whether at the initial idea stage or mid-way through, and partner with you to bring your project to fruition. Through one-on-one conversations and correspondence, we dive into creating your story just the way you like it. From start to finish, we provide you with everything you need to take your book to the next level, whether you intend to solicit it to publishers, agents or self-publish. We're with you every step of the way. 

Pricing varies per genre and length of project. For more information, please email and type the words GHOSTWRITING SERVICES in the subject line. A representative will contact you promptly to discuss your project and give you a quote. 



We all know that marketing is essential. After all, how can people buy your book if they don't know it exists? Most authors agree that marketing their book is harder than actually writing it. Promotional work is time consuming, challenging and can often feel awkward and overwhelming. GPG understands that most authors struggle to market themselves but can't afford to hire a publicity firm to promote their work. This is where we can help. Our a la carte marketing menu allows authors the ability to select only the areas in which they feel they need assistance. From setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts, to weekly posts and tweets, designing advertisements and much more, our marketing team can lift your burden while helping you build your brand. 


To inquire about our marketing services please email and write MARKETING SERVICES in the subject line. A representative will contact you promptly to discuss your promotional goals and send you pricing information. 

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