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S.R. Claridge

S.R.Claridge holds a BA in Psychology and a background in theatre, both of which she undoubtedly uses in creating her suspense novels.  First published in 2010, S.R.Claridge has written both fiction and non-fiction books and ghostwritten in several genres. She likes candlelight, autumn, the moon, Grey Goose  martinis and extra spicy Bloody Marys. She loves Jesus, believes in the power of prayer, in the freedom of forgiveness and that people can change. Claridge lives in Colorado with her husband and children.

Works by S.R.Claridge
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False Truths front.png
Just Call Me Angel Series
Fiction: Mystery & Suspense
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Stand Alone Suspense Novels
Fiction: Mystery & Suspense
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TRUMP front.png
'Twas the Night Before... series
'Twas the Night Before COVID
'Twas the Night Before TRUMP
'Twas the Night Before 

3D POB Front Cover.jpg
Petals of Blood
Short Story
Men Take Pause Front Cover.jpg
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