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S.A. Robinson

S.A. Robinson is a mother of two, extreme book enthusiast, and self-proclaimed crafting addict. She spends her time writing and taking care of what she refers to as her zoo, which includes a panther chameleon, named Skittles, a bearded dragon named Spike, a red-eared slider named Raphael, a stubborn Labrador named Louis, and two Siamese cats, Brigit and Savannah. With her husband in the Army, she has spent the last nine years moving from place to place, raising their children and enjoying every new adventure. From her travels, she draws inspiration for her stories and is always on the lookout for new places to explore. From the beaches of Florida to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, S.A. Robinson has learned to find something she loves in every place she has lived. During the 2020 pandemic, her passion for creating stories grew resulting in her debut novel, The Secrets of Oakley House, being published and released in 2021.

Works by S.A. Robinson
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The Secrets of Oakley House

Genre: Mystery Suspense Thriller

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S.A. Robinson
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