When Kira Sullivan’s best friend convinces her to interview at a new nightclub on the St. Louis Riverfront, she has no idea it

is run by the Coronado Mob family. By the time she connects

the dots, it’s too late. Hot on the trail of a serial killer, Detective Rocco Sterling, finds himself distracted by a woman who

shares an uncanny resemblance to a lost love, not realizing

their meeting is more than coincidence. Paths collide in a

search for truth that grows deadlier at every turn, as the lines between right and wrong blur into an immoral mess of desire, betrayal and revenge. Caught between an ugly truth she doesn’t want to face and a haunting reality to which she feels

drawn, Kira must learn to trust her instincts and take life at

The Candy Shop one bite size piece at a time.

The Candy Shop by S.R.Claridge