Harley Maddox, a child life specialist, is the oldest brother in a very large, wealthy, blended, rags to riches family. Harley and his six brothers honor their late brother with a sibling outreach clinic called Brayden's Hideaway, located in children's hospitals around the country.  As the family prepares for the holidays

and the excitement of Harley's spring wedding,  a brother lost many years earlier, the 9th brother, suddenly finds his way

home. Shocked by his unexpected return, the older

generation's wounds are ripped open as they fight to finally

lay to rest the long buried demons that now rear their ugly

heads. Tears of joy, anger, rage and hope encompass them as each family member must not only remember the infant that was taken but reconnect with the man he has now become. 

The 9th Brother by Raven Thornheart - The Maddox Family Chronicles Volume 1