Music provides the soundtrack to our lives. But music’s true excitement is often found on the off-beats. Cedric Hendrix has been a music fan for more than four decades. His life of public service has been enhanced by a seemingly endless search for the best bands playing the perfect songs, the majority of which have been ignored by the commercial music industry. At first, Hendrix discovered music via radio. But chance encounters,

unplanned circumstances, and fortuitous timing have

combined to send Hendrix down a musical path explored by a seemingly chosen few. Hendrix offers a look at music and

bands both above and below the radar. He shows how

through it all, there are really only two kinds of music: good

and bad. Which is which is up to the listener. Music is the

soundtrack to life. Cedric Hendrix wants to share his life’s

soundtrack. Put on your headphones and press “play.”

I Can't be the Only One Hearing This by Cedric Hendrix