Some might say Angel has it all. Power. Money. Love. But she’s lacking the one thing she needs now more than ever…

Loyalty. When a simple favor to Olga lands Angel in the

middle of a shootout; there are questions. When the man who has always protected her now stands against her; there are

doubts. And when a search for answers reveals the players

involved in an assassination attempt against His Eminence;

there is panic. Shot, kidnapped, drugged and betrayed, Angel must put her personal feelings aside to uncover the truth,

reveal the lies and intervene before it is too late. The plot thickens when unlikely paths collide and lines of loyalty blur into a muddle of mafia mayhem; where being in the right place at

the wrong time might just be an intervention of the Divine.

Divine Intervention by S.R.Claridge - Volume 6 - Just Call Me Angel Series