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Octavia Burney
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Octavia Burney is a native of South Hill, Virginia. She attended Virginia State University and Meredith College. At the age of twelve, she developed an interest in writing short stories and poems. At the age of thirteen, she won her first young authors competition, having her first poem published. In the process of getting her first book published, Octavia was severely burned in an accident and suffered second and third-degree burns from her neck down to her thigh. She has had several surgeries, procedures, and physical therapy but she continues to push as she writes and spreads words of encouragement on her blog She released her first book in February 2019, “The Storm Saved Me” where she shares her testimony and how her faith in God pulled her through. Continuing her education at Liberty University, Octavia is studying clinical mental health counseling, where she spreads knowledge about burns and trauma, as well as the importance of mental health.


Marty, Octavia’s first children’s book, stems from her experience as a burn survivor and brings awareness and joy to those who are burn survivors or know someone who is a burn survivor. 


Octavia is empowering, motivational, and always brings joy to every situation.


“Born with grace, she conquered her fears and achieved her goals through the hardest challenges.”

Works by Octavia Burney
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Genre: Children's Illustrated Books

Octavia Burney
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