Kaylee Kron

Since 2016, Kaylee has been walking with grievers through some of life's most difficult challenges. Throughout this time, she has become convinced that each individual is the expert of their own grief experience, learning that it is not her job to teach them how to grieve, but rather, to walk beside them while they share their grief.


Kaylee is a master level social worker and a certified grief counselor through the American Academy of HealthCare Professionals. More importantly, she is a fellow griever, having walked the journey of life-altering, earth shattering grief, and come out the other side with an intense desire and skill to support others in similar situations. Her desire is to change the world by not only empowering grievers to be the expert of their own experience, but also to show those who yearn to support others in grief that they are wildly capable of that task. Her ultimate goal is to make her role completely unnecessary as she increases the comfort of our culture around the topics of death and grief.

Works by Kaylee Kron
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Charlie Sue and Marmaduke

Genre: Children's Book

C O M I N G     S O O N 
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