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J. Doggins

J. Doggins grew up with music and art aspirations from an early age. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and his trusty “Old Red Gibson” guitar, he pursued them both for all of his adult life. His artistic endeavors led to freelance illustration and design work and stints of being a Senior Designer and Creative Director with major agencies. He eventually started his own marketing firm and was successful with award-winning projects.On the music side, he recorded and worked with nationally known bands, as well as leading his own group for more than a decade. In his words it’s been a great ride and he has enjoyed most every phase of it. “I’m probably one of the luckiest guys in the world” has been his assessment of his life and career. Plus, he married his high school sweetheart. His third career dream was to be a writer. He accomplished it, releasing his memoir, Jimmy Doggins' Tune, a mere few months before his passing. He was a remarkable man. Rest in peace J. Doggins. 

Works by J. Doggins
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Jimmy Doggins' Tune
Non-Fiction - Memoir
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Jimmy Doggins
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