Frequently Asked Questions

If an author signs a contract with GPG, does the author have to pay to have their book published?

No. Authors that are offered a publishing contract with GPG do not pay to have their book published. 

What services are included in a publishing contract with GPG?

Contracted authors receive editing, formatting, book cover design, bar code assignment, ISBN assignment, ARC copies, personal author page on the GPG website and assistance with promotional activities at no cost to the author.

Does GPG accept every submission for publication?

No. Our review team is highly selective, ensuring that we meet genre, marketability and quality requirements. 

Does GPG accept snail mail manuscripts?

No. Global Publishing Group LLC is a green company, meaning we attempt to use as little paper as possible. We care about our planet so all business, including submissions, contracts and correspondence, is conducted virtually.

In what format does GPG produce books?

Global Publishing Group LLC publishes books in three formats:

Ebook, Paperback and Hardback

*Only selected books are produced in hardback form.