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Dr K

Born in Yorkshire, England, K is an alumni of King’s College, London, and the Universities of Manchester and Bristol.  Influenced by Dali, Hitchcock, Kafka, Python, Orwell and Zappa, K explores the human condition through psychosocial philosophy and anthropology in art. 


As a writer, having a fiendish imagination and a flair for complex, nonlinear, intertwined plots with rich characters, multi-layered detail and rampant subtext, K lures readers into a world of juxtaposition and moral ambiguity daring them to explore surreal concepts and choices. Brimming with dark humor, K’s work is uniquely disturbing, positively pleasing and always thought provoking. 

Works by Dr K


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Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 11.18.12

The Unraveller

The Dr Sharon Bulger Series

Genre: Psychological Suspense Thriller

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Dr K
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